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Tampa Mold Removal and Remediation – Under the Law!

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Tampa Mold Removal and Remediation – Under the Law!

Under the new Tampa mold law:

The law of mold has changed in the past few years in order to prevent inexperienced company’s from performing mold removal or remediation services in Tampa Fl.

For mold inspections in Tampa Fl you must use a 3rd party company in order to prevent conflict of interest. This will apply for mold testing. We will provide you a 3rd party to perform the mold testing in order to save you time with the mold remediation process.

All of our mold inspectors of Tampa, Fl have gone through the necessary FBI drug and background testing.

We have over a $1 Million Dollar insurance liability coverage in order to best assist you with a peace of mind guarantee.

All of our mold inspectors have completed qualified training exercises provided by the state of Florida under the city of Tampa.

We obligate all of our mold removal and remediation specialists of Tampa to perform periodic tests which are required for all mold removal related services such as: mold remediation Tampa, mold detection Tampa, mold inspection Tampa, Mold testing Tampa, Mold evaluation Tampa, and more.

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